Molly Margaret Designs gets a Facebook mention from V V Rouleaux

  • 26.1.15

See if you can spot how these lovely fabrics, trims and ribbons were used in the design for the Haberdashery Shop  

Close up showing V V Rouleaux ribbons on the card and handmade sissors.

Another close up of the shop...

22 of the most incredible old houses ever featured in movies - which one is your favorite?

  • 20.1.15

Our favourite has to be the beautiful cottage from the Holiday - Talk about a dream cottage, this seems to have it all...although sadly, the cottage isn't real A facade was built in the middle of an empty field that was extensively landscaped for the movie.

A close second has to be the house from Gone With The Wind and a third the beach house featured in Top Gun.

See the other 21 houses from films right here by the good people at Country Living

via @countryliving

Haberdashery Shop From My V V Rouleaux Win!!!

  • 18.1.15

V V Rouleaux competition, I won so many beautiful trimmings and items they kindly sent me. With these I have created Pretty Things Haberdashery Shop. 

Gorgeous V V Rouleaux competition items I received. I knew I needed to create a haberdashery shop for the Molly Margaret Village and what better inspiration than using these beautiful luxury items the lovely people at V V Rouleaux sent me.

 This is the start of me hand making and mapping out the design and putting together the shop.

Giclee prints of the haberdashery can be found here or a framed haberdashery shop can also be found on my shop.
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