Grow A Flower Garden 101

  • 23.11.20

Become your own home florist to fill your home with flowers and foliage all year round. In this ten-part guide I will show you how to start a flower garden, what to consider, the best flowers to get you started and how to fill your home with flower arrangements, and sharing on-trend ideas. With tutorials for DIY creative flowers and how to throw your own flower party for friends and family to enjoy together. 

Cutting Flower Garden tools and flowers

I love to pick fresh flowers in the morning and gift an abundance to friends and family. Although I do love to visit flower farms for their pick your own events! 

Growing a Cutting Garden Flowers UK

This guide isn’t for experts or flower farmers but for anyone who like me who wants to see flowers around their home all year and who enjoys gifting flowers. If you already grow vegetables, add a few flowers to your vegetable patch and the flowers will attract more pollinators to your vegetables.

How To Grow A Flower Garden

A flower cutting garden, it is an area designated to cut flowers to fill your home, it might not be the prettiest place in the garden if you cut them all. But cut as you need flowers and they will keep coming back again and again. 

Zinnia's in the flower garden

What to consider when setting up your area? 

You can start a cutting garden in flower pots, wooden crates but the best place is a patch of garden, preferably in full or partial sunshine. The area will need to be weed-free and as the flowers need to recover from all the snipping, organic matter is good to improve water retention and drainage. Work in several inches of compost or leaf mold before planting. 

Flowers can get windswept quickly so do ensure where you can that they are placed away from the windy area of your garden. I have been known to build barriers occasionally with bins as the wind moves towards the east of our house. 

Growing Sunset Buff Cut Flowers UK

Feeding - as flowers grow I would recommend a liquid fertilizer as this can give a boost to reproduction. 

Layout - access is important to cut the stems easily and to attend to the plants as they need staking up as they grow.

Plant needs - I look at flower and foliage plant needs and group them together based on whether they need lots of water or not and when they will flower. This helps as it makes it easier to not over or under water plants.

Sequence of flowering - you could consider laying out plants by order of flowering, early season, midseason, and late season. 

Annuals - often don’t last an entire season, so succession seeding can help. As you can sow seeds a few weeks apart for continuous flowers until the end of that plants flowering season. Remove faded flowers and replace if space is limited to keep your flowers fresh. (More on flower and foliage to plant for a tried and tested flower garden in part 2).

Mulching - helps the soil to retain moisture in summer and rain to penetrate the soil in winter it also helps prevent weeds from growing. Mulching also helps protect the roots of plants in the winter. I haven’t always mulched but I do now as it does help the plants and makes weeding and watering easier.

How To Grow A Home Flower Garden

Now you have an idea of how to set the area where you wish to plant your flowers and foliage, in part 2 I will share the list of flowers and foliage that keep our home filled all year round. If you would like the next blog post, flower inspiration and trends delievered straight to your inbox then sign up here

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Homegrown Flower Arrangements

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Make A Cup Of Flowers And Decorate Your Home

  • 4.11.20

I love to create pretty cups of flowers and place them around our home, on the landing window ledge, a side table as you enter the front door, or a couple across the kitchen table. I have used dried or fresher flowers and have included objects we have found on special walks or outings. 

DIY Garden Flower Arrangement
Cups Of Garden Flowers - Create Your Own At Home

For dried Autumn displays I like to include conkers, dried lavender, peony heads, poppy seed heads, blue sea holly, and pretty strawflowers. The conker I made a small hole and insert some florist wire so I could push it into the biodegradable oasis.

Dried Floral Cup Of Flowers Arrangement
Dried Flower Arrangement In A Vintage Cup And Saucer Set.

I also love to make seasonal Cups Of Flowers as fresh flower gifts, perfect to say thank you or as a little Birthday treat. These are simple to create with garden flowers, I like to use sweetpeas, feverfew, small dahlia’s, miniature sunflowers such as Helianthus annuus ‘Sonja' or Helianthus debilis 'Vanilla Ice’. Many combinations look great together and see the easy six-step guide below how to create a Cup of Flowers yourself at home.

DIY Cup Of Flowers Kit


Flowers, foliage, cup and saucer, florist wire, biodegradable oasis, sharp scissors or florist snips, label if gifting. See the Cup Of Flower Kit to help you create your own.

Time: 20 minutes

1. Pick flowers and foliage from your garden, early in the morning is the ideal time as the plants are hydrated or use dried the choice is yours.

2. Layout your materials such as a vintage cup with saucer, florist wire, sharp scissors.

3. I recommend pressing the oasis into the cup and using a biodegradable oasis. Pull the oasis out and a cup imprint will be left. Cut where the narrow end will be close to the bottom of the cup, then slide the oasis in so it is level. 

4. Ensure there is a good fit but do leave a little room for water around the edges and for the oasis to swell a little with water. Keep topped up with water to prolong the display's life.

5. Trim your selected flowers and pick out pretty foliage and any textured items you may wish to include, seed pods, conkers,s, or grasses.

6. It is good to add height to the center of the teacup so add taller structures of foliage and interesting textures here first and fill the rest of the cup with flowers. Turn the cup as you fill with your blooms and alternate coloured flowers and foliage.

Once completed display and photograph your DIY Cup Of Flowers creation. Keep to admire or gift to delight someone special. #DIYcupofflowers

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Dahlia Waltzing Mathilda in Flower Arrangement

Chrysanthemums collection in vintage cup

Ranunculus and anemone flower display

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