Small Stories - At Home In The Doll's House

  • 24.2.15

With a spring in my step I was off to the VandA Museum of Childhood to see the current exhibition Small Stories. As many beautiful pictures and images have been shared before I have picked a few of what I believe to be the less mentioned, but for me very charming doll's houses. Above is Princess Elizabeth's House 1933-5, the only real cottage looking dolls house I could find. Purchased by the Museum in 1988. A tri-ang house made by Lines Bros Ltd.

Above Mrs Seth's House 1951-2 at the Museum of Childhood. The details of the flowers and the door really stand out on this gorgeous doll's house.

Along with the more well know doll's houses, a delight was the DREAM HOUSE "In miniature, impossible dreams can come true". Artists and designers created fantasy rooms, coming together to create an ideal household for today and tomorrow. My two favourite boxes from the Dream House were by Molly Meg and Donna Wilson below.

Molly's Favourite Things by Molly Meg

 Close up detail of Molly's Favourite Things by Molly Meg. I love the words in this room,
"Be Honest, Be Silly, Be Kind"

 Llama Dreams by Donna Wilson 
A gorgeous dreamy room and I love the bright wallpaper!
Llama Dreams by Donna Wilson, cloud and rain detail is really cute!

All together a day out of great inspiration, play and curiosity, well worth a visit or two!

Mothers Day Don't Give Flowers, Show Her Your Love With A Flower Shop!

  • 9.2.15

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 This Mothering Sunday (15th March 2015) give the gift of seeing flowers that are in full bloom everyday with this special keepsake Mother’s Day print. 

Flower Shop Mixed Media Design
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You can add extra details such as your mums name or your own names. Professionally printed Giclee prints mounted or framed versions are available from Molly Margaret Shop.

New FairyBuzz Personalised Fairy Prints In The Shop

  • 4.2.15

Fairy Print Fairybuzz
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 Personalised FairyBuzz prints for someone who loves fairies, names, dates or messages can be added. Other flowers and colours are available so please contact us if you would like to discuss different options.

Great British Shop We Are Proud To Be Live... Find Molly Margaret Prints

  • 1.2.15

You can find us under many catogries on the British Life Shop but one of my favourites to broswe is Home and Gardens and you can find us here too. There are some amazing gift ideas and we are really pleased to be listed with some great designers like Mark Hearld, Luv My Blankee Ltd, Little England Interiors and many more.
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