13 Inspiring and positive quotes to uplift you when you need a boost of encouragement

  • 23.1.18

Inspiring and positive quotes to uplift you whatever the day of the week. A boost of encouragement just for you with these carefully selected positive quotes below. Feel uplifted and inspired anytime of the day or night.

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A Year from now you will wish you had started today.
I'm going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life
Elsie de Wolfe
Dreams don't have deadlines - L.L. Cool J

It always seems impossible until it is done - Nelson Mandela
The joy of creating, try a new hobby or simply make something with your hands.
Bloom where you are planted
Dream with wonderful child-like wonder
This coffee break choose to dream big
Love the little things

Dream while others are wishing
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams -
Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.
Happy Vibes - Smile, this is for you, have a great day.
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Inspiring Events and Experiences UK - Your Guide To What's On 2018

  • 10.1.18

Events across the UK which would be a great day out to enjoy with friends or family. Perhaps to learn something new or be inspired to get creative. These include open gardens, courses, workshops and events. If I have missed one which you believe could be included then get in touch and let me know. I will be constantly updating this list throughout the year. The more unique, interesting and inspiring the better.

Inspiring Events and Experiences UK - Sweet Days 2018

Inspiring and Creative Events around the UK

Handmade Britain 
An old favourite at mine The Chelsea Old Town Hall is a flagship show which has been running for over a decade. An annual celebration of British contemporary craft and design. Handmade in Britain run events at Kew Gardens, in Edinburgh and Oxford. Exhibitors sell a range of high-quality, handmade work across all disciplines for interiors, gardens, fashion and gifts. For dates and more information visit Handmade In Britain

Royal Horticultural Shows 
Royal Horticultural Society UK charity established to share the best in gardening. Great for a day out of flower and gardening inspiration. RHS host flower shows across the country including Chelsea, Tatton, Hampton Court and others you can review on the RHS website.

The Gaint Shepton Flea Market
This is on my list as I love a wonder and a rummage, as the flea market sells a plethora of items from retro-furniture, vintage clothing, garden statuary, crafts, art, jewellery, books, toys, sweets, clothes, Music, Gifts and lots more. Visit Shepton Flea Market for more information.

London Craft Week: Makers Stories - Cockpit Arts 9th May 9th 2018
Discussing thier creative journeys will be artist's in wood, ceramics, writers and more. To view more information and tickets London Craft Week Tickets

RA Summer Exhibition 12th June - 19th August 2018
The Summer Exhibition provides emerging and established artists with a unique platform to showcase their work. Famous as the world's largest open submission show. A glorious curation of artwork in all mediums with a remarkable mixture of emerging artists and household names. See more on the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition  2018

Country Living Spring and Christmas Fairs
Step inside the pages of the magazine. Spring and Christmas Fairs in London, Glasgow and Harrogate. Beautiful gifts, crafting, gardening, livestock and cooking events on the day. You can see who will be live on stage in the list on the Country Living Fairs Website.

Emma Bridgewater Chichester Flower Festival 
This nine-hundred-year-old Cathedral will be transformed with over eighty stunning arrangements all following the 2018 theme of 'This Earthly Paradise'.  Emma Bridgewater, British Designer and Business Woman, whose distinctive ceramics have a worldwide following is the Patron of the Chichester Festival of Flowers.

Emma Bridge Water Factory Tour
This is one on my personal list as I have heard good things about the interesting factory tour. Meet the jiggers, jolliers, fettlers, casters and decorators whose traditional skills and craftsmanship go into creating every beautiful piece of handmade and hand decorated Emma Bridgewater pottery. Tours last about one hour and have to be booked in advance. Visit the Emma Bridgewater Factory site for more information.

Perch Hill Open Days
Festive garden openings, a few on days weekdays for those who like things quiet, and lots on weekends for those who find it tricky to take a day out during the week. Sarah Raven is almost always there and if so, will do a talk on What's Good in the Garden Today. I hope I see her when I next visit as it is such a treat! Check the website for Perch Hill Sarah Raven garden open days.

Experiences Where You Can Develop and Learn

Planning to Be a flower farmer with Rachel Siegried from Gorgeous and Green 27th April 2018
One of the most exciting things to happen in horticulture in the last few years is the huge increase in growing cut flowers and turning this into a career. Rachel was there from the start and over the last ten years has learnt how to grow the perfect rose, the loveliest dahlia, the most highly scented sweetpea, not on my scale of a cutting patch, or garden but on a field scale. See more on the Sarah Raven events and courses

Urban Writers Retreat 
Ideal to unleash the book within us all. Charlie helps writers by providing time and space to forget the outside world and just write. With one-day retreats in the city or longer writing retreats in the countryside or France. Helpful tools and structures for writing, like a six-month novel and a forum with online retreats and accountability. See more on Urban Writers Retreat
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What Is Inspired living? Be Inspired - Dream - Achieve

  • 1.1.18

Inspired living now is about being excited about life, appreciating the little moments every day and enjoying not always being perfect. It is not just about being present or breathing the correct way, although this helps. It is about embracing, investigating and being curious about anything that could be of interest. From new and old, from handmade to technology, inspired living is about finding time for you, self-discovery, dreaming big and achieving goals. Sharing together by learning, having fun and supporting each dream as we discover more about ourselves and others. 

First, we have to be inspired and then we can build to follow our dreams and adventure forward. Wherever you are heading, to begin a business, start a new hobby or home project, let's journey and get inspired together. 
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of thier dreams. - Elenor Roosevelt 
Make today the start of a new inspired you. Come and say hello on Instagram or Twitter and use the #InspiredLivingNow to share your stories little moment stories.

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