Creative Joy! Isn't About The Big Moments In Life

  • 8.11.18

Swan Design
Swans on the lake
Iceland Poppy and Seed Tin
Seed tin and Iceland Poppy

Cosmos Cupcake Blush - Flower Garden
Watering the flower cutting garden - Cosmos
Happiness for me isn't about the big moments in life but about everyday little joys. About small pockets of beauty, calm, creativity or just something personal that makes you slow and enjoy that moment. A coffee first thing, a hug from a loved one, seeing a flower on the way to work.

When these little pockets of time are strung together they can create infectious ways of feeling inspired and looking for the positive in any situation. Seeing the world afresh, where the colours become more vivid and senses open up to possibilities. 

Handmade design of flowers and mixed media
Gardening work - watering

Roses in a tin cup
Roses in the tin cup
Here are some of my creative joys, which I have created for fun and to keep inspiration flowing. I grow a flower cutting garden which I love and can often be found bare feet in the dirt. For me these are special moments watching, growing and waiting for the bloom. 

Handmade design flowers and gardening
Gardening Joy
English tea cup, coffee and biscuits
Glorious morning coffee
I also love to play with items in the studio which are normally housed on the shelves and ledges. I love making them come to life in little stories. I hope you like them and can feel the joy. If you do be sure to follow for more on Instagram and sign up to the newsletter. 

Handmade fabric bags in the studio
Handmade craft bags 
Handmade fabric bags in the studio
Creative joy in making

Flower Images and Photograph
Sweetpea playful creation
Thanks for reading!
Kelly x

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