How Nurturing A Flower Garden Created New Possibilities

  • 16.12.19

I wanted the flower cutting garden to be a constant source of inspiration for my design work which heavily features florals. To use seasonal flowers that were fresh and I could select when needed. Rather than relying on locally brought flowers and what was for sale, although I do love to support British Flowers and I do visit pick your own flower events. 

What I hadn’t anticipated when I developed the area of our garden to grow flowers was how much I would like to browse the seed catalogues. Research online the colours, leaf textures, stem styles and vast selection of new flowers each year. With a cup of tea and a cosy chair, it is a great autumn and winter activity to start planning the cutting garden for the following year. Especially if you are not a fan of the darker months this can help as you begin to grow seeds inside. On a window sill, conservatory or even the hardy plants in a cold frame.

If asked what I would like for Christmas or Birthday's I do tend to answer with gift vouchers for our local garden centres or online sellers. I love to browse the sites and select what new items I would like to try in the garden. 

The first year I did select some flowers from Floret USA and coming from America I hadn’t realised the import tax would be more than the seeds themselves. However, I see this as an investment as I have grown these beautiful Daydream and Cupcake Poppies for a few years now and each year I collect seeds. I can sow every year without making another purchase and I have gifted some to my mum so she is enjoying her own. Also, we swap seeds to try new flowers and build up our flower stocks. 

Planting the seeds I let my children help, they love getting muddy in the garden. They have now started to select their own seeds to grow for next year including red sunflower xxx Pumpkin xxx, not quite a flower but I am quite open to trying new things. Also, I love my two sons being involved in the garden with helping to water and seeing things develop. Although they do lose interest after a while but that is fine. It allows me to carry on listening to the rustle of leaves, the birds and my boys playing in the background. I have been surprised how quiet it can feel in your mind when gardening, just thinking of the plants and being outside. How after an hour in the garden I can feel lifted in my mind having achieved something or just seen some new developments in growing through the seasons. 

I had thought growing a cutting flower garden would be inspiration for my design work and it is every day. Watching the seasonal flowers, colours breaking through each month but it has been so much more. 

Giving me time to have quiet moments as I nurture the plants, watering, feeding, staking and enjoying cutting the flowers so they come again. That is the difference for cut flowers, the types of flowers for a cutting garden grow more as you cut them. Giving an abundance of flowers through their flowering months.

I arrange flowers to constantly fill our home on tables and window sills. To add a fresh garden feeling inside when the weather still has a chill in the spring and when it feels too warm for long periods in the summer.  

I like to wrap a bunch of flowers for friends or family members to brighten their day. Sharing the love of flowers and the joy people show when realising they are homegrown is really special. I cannot think of a more thoughtful gift than homegrown flowers, especially if it is from someone you love. That is how the cutting garden inspired me to create the Flower Wrap & Grow business I run today, so we can all grow and share the joy of flowers. 

This summer has been busy but so much fun with the children helping in the garden developing their understanding of nature and growing cycles. Next year I am arranging an area for both of the boys to grow their own, I will add photographs of how they get on as we go along.

After digging and watering regularly with my husbands relaxing in the garden was wonderful with blooms to watch has been amazing. As I look back with lots of memories, I am excited for next year and to see the flowers grow again with some new additions.

Whether you start with one flower pot or a whole section of your garden, I couldn’t recommend growing your own cut flower enough. 

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