Most Popular Posts On Instagram in 2017

  • 31.12.17

Welcome as I look back at popular pictures which gained the most comments and discussions this 2017. Here I will be sharing the most popular monthly posts and favourite images of the studio right here as we move through the year ahead in 2018. These will Include new collections, fun projects and what inspired designs, positive quotes or little moments of joy.

Behind the scenes, with happiness in the studio as I hand-craft miniature bags for love and friendship gifts. These bags include vintage fabric from an antique shop in Bath, ribbons I have collected over the years and small trinkets to add a very personal touch.

Taken on the studio desk I layout the designs to dry and capture them for my records. I have to be quick if I have flowers on the table for decoration before they wilt.
Joy creating this new collection of floral inspired bags and art pictures. Each one is unique as they are made from vintage, recycled or contemporary items which are limited. Ideal as a friendship gift as each is special just like friends.

Having fun with ribbon as the sea and my little boat which sits on the desk going for a sailing one sunny day.

Follow your dreams wooden gift label designed to be a personal keepsake long after the wrapping paper has disappeared.

My favourite mini coffee cup to have a little morning coffee. These miniature bags were brought as a gift for a best friend for a special 30th Birthday.

More behind the scenes coming soon but as a special New Year gift here is a 10% off at Molly Margaret Shop, simple use this voucher code in your basket Inspired10.

Keep dreaming and let's keep moving forward together.

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