DIY How To Wrap A Flower Bouquet In Six Steps

  • 19.3.19

It is lovely to share thoughtful gifts to family and friends straight from your garden or kitchen table. I grow flowers so I select them from the cutting garden but if you don't simply find somewhere great to buy flowers. This handy map from Flowers From The Farm is a great asset as you can see local flower workshops, pick your own flower events and you can buy beautiful British Flowers near to you in Britain.

A handy six-step guide shows you how to wrap a homegrown bouquet easily and gift straight away to someone special. Making an ideal thoughtful gift that they can enjoy as the flowers begin to bloom.
Step 1.
Select your flowers and foliage carefully from your garden or local shop. Remove extra leaves on the stems below where you will hand-tie the flowers. I use British twine by jute but you can use florist tape or elastic bands. Just be sure the flowers are not to restricted as you want the flowers to be able to drink water at all times. 
Arrange your flowers so they have nice coverage of colour. For example, if you had three different coloured flowers. You may choose to add colour 1, then a colour 2 and a colour 3. Then repeat so the colours as you add can be separate out to each corner. Once you are happy, tie the flower arrangement together. Trim the stems of the flowers to roughly the same lengths.

Step 2.
Select which flower wrap you would like to use, brown Kraft wrap is good, Satin tissue paper or flower gift wrap non-coated. Eco-friendly papers and items which can be recycled are great for this kind of wrapping so just ensure you do not choose glitter or coated papers as these generally cannot be recycled. 
 The example in the photograph is mint green flower wrap.
Wrap & Grow Gift Box Content to Wrap Your Bouquets
Step 3. 
Lay your chosen paper on the table and with pointed order at an angle. Lay your flowers heads up close to the point of the paper.
Flowers onto eco-friendly Flower Wrap
Step 4. 
Wrap the paper from left across the flowers and tuck in behind the hand-tied bunch. 
Wrap flower paper from left to right
Step 5. 
Lift up the bottom right of the flower wrap and fold the paper over the flower stems. Crease a line up the paper on the right as shown. Wrap the remaining flower gift wrap around the flowers to join together. 
DIY flower bouquet wrapping in six steps
Step 6. 
You can choose a sticker to add the finishing touches to the bouquet, a ribbon or sellotape to set the paper into place. In this example, a ‘With Love’ sticker has been used. The sticker is set to the front of the flowers. You can present the sticker first, for the special recipient to read the message from your thoughtful gift. 
Homegrown or local brought flowers handmade bouquet - with love.
Flower bouquets do not need to be complicated with the right materials and pretty flowers you can create gorgeous thoughtful gifts. 
Ideal for Mothers Day, Easter, Birthdays, or simply as a thank you to someone special. Each Wrap & Grow gifting set comes with a packet of seeds to replenish stock of flowers or to grow something new. 
If you would like to see the Wrap & Grow Homemade Flower Bouquet Gift Sets view here or if you would like to browser flower wrap or decorations look here.
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I would love to see some homemade bouquets you have created, after using these steps? Add your comment below as I would love to see them. 
As always, thank you for reading.
Kelly x

Inspiration To Make Homemade Flower Bouquets and Arrangements

  • 14.3.19

I had such a great year on the cutting garden last year I decided to gift some flowers, to family, friends and charity events. I loved putting together the simple flower arrangements straight from the garden but found it hard to find the right flower wrap and decorations.

I set to work and decided to design my own as they had been so well received. I hope others like you might like to use them and gift them too. I wanted the flower wrap, decorations and all things included to be eco-friendly and Made in Britain and that is excatly what they are so we can wrap with peace of mind. My other main goal was to help others enjoy flowers as I love them and I really wanted this world to bloom all over so I added seed packets.

This month the new 'WRAP & GROW' Gift Sets For Homemade Flower Bouquets With Seeds are launched. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back at what was made and include some of the new ideas I created in the studio this week for flower arrangements.

Below I created homemade flower bouquets, kraft and sticker posey's, flower decorated bunches and a single stem flower gift. What will you create with yours? (Share your designs on Instagram and Facebook #wrapandgrow)

Perhaps you would like to share your abundant flowers from your garden this spring or during the year. Maybe you would like to try something new but you don't grow flowers. Then you could buy locally grown flowers and create your very own arrangements too.

Steps to creating an arrangement can be found in this handy six-step guide or simply
1, Choose the flower arrangement type you would like to create
2, Select your flowers and foliage (from your garden or brought locally)
3, Collect the materials you will need to complete the arrangement

The inspiration for homemade flower bouquets and simple arrangements is below.

Homemade Flower Bouquets
These were wrapped with the new flower gift wrap I created for wrapping my blooms and decided to design more as it was so well received. Colour selections now include the Coral colour of the year, mint green, fresh blue, yellow, patterns and rainbow colours. View Wrap and Bloom gift sets or Flower wrapping paper and stickers here.

Spring Flowers Bouquet Using Fresh Blue and Stickers

Multicoloured Set Of Flower Wraps and Stickers
Homegrown And Coral Mixed Set of Flower Wraps And Stickers
Kraft Paper And Sticker Posey's
These can take fewer flowers and simple ideas can look stunning as sweet little thank you gifts or a treat for someone special.

Just For You - Kraft Paper, Satin Tissue Wrap and Sticker
Grown With Love Kraft Paper and Grown With Love Sticker
Fresh Spring Flower Creations With Kraft Paper And Stickers

Decorated Flower Bunches
Adding a keepsake wooden tag which I wrote on the reverse with permanent maker I found to be very effective. I still see these hung around friends houses now on cupboard door handles and dressers. The decoration is kept long after the flowers have faded.

Flowers Wooden Tag Decoration
Hand-tied Roses With A Keepsake Wooden Flower Decoration
Simply hung over a flower in the bunch with a personal message on the reverse.

Single Stem Flower Gift
Use a hero flower like a Sunflower, Gerbera, Hydrangea, Rose or Dahlia and simply hand-tie some ribbon and a keepsake to make a sweet friendship gift.

Gerbera With A Flower Decoration And Keepsake Tag.
I will be adding to the blog new seasonal inspiration as the flowering months begin and we can see new blooms coming in from the garden. Until then you can also find me on Instagram and see inspiration on the Pinterest boards. #wrapandgrow
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