Inspire Me Trip This Month To Sorrento Italy

  • 8.8.17

Inspire me this month comes from Sorrento Italy. Inspire Me is a monthly feature where we pick a place to visit to feel inspired and get some interesting ideas, to have a few day dream moments and take photographs. It could be a local walk, a different city, country, gallery, garden or museum. I share them here and on instagram as I hope they may inspire you to visit, see something new, or just have a moment while you browse to let your ideas flow straight from wherever you are right now.

Lets get inspired trip for June and my Birthday was to Sorrento Italy, as one of my favourite places in the world. My husband Joseph took me to Sorrento in the heart of the Neapolitan Riviera, it has an abundance of olive, lemon and orange trees. We found our hotel perched high on the cliffs one side above the busy marinas and bathing platforms in the Bay of Naples. While the front of the Imperial Hotel Tramontano was situated on the Piazzo Tasso and the alluring cafes, restaurants and Italian boutique shops.

A short walk away is the beautiful fishing village Marina Grande, with it romantic lights and its rustic table settings and amazing fish restaurants. A magical place of inspiration and I have highlighted a few of the photographs below of pretty things and scenes I saw.

Pretty Pink Door Handles
These door handles with their pretty patterns and shapes made me stop to browse. I just wished I had brought a few more as we wondered through the old town of Anacapri the town high than Capri town on the Island Italian of Capri.

Bicyle Photograph Sorrento Italy 
Bicycles caught my attention in Italy, propped up against doors, walls or entrances as if people had just popped in for a moment. They always looked effortless stylish and in a moment they were quickly gone and on their way.

Fishing boat in the Bay of Naples
This fishing boat we could watch from the sun beds in the day and this was taken on the first day as we had lunch. I like to think he was catching the fish we were eating as it was always local and the only boat I could ever see going along the shore. Clear sea water, sandy shores and even little beach huts where you could get changed.

Lemons in a basket Italy
Lemons are the fruit I most associate with Italy although Sorrento is equally know for it's oranges.  From limoncello to soap and everything in between, I was amazed at the creative skill to come up with so many variations to use one fruit.

Villa San Michele Gardens Capri Italy
A visit to Villa San Michele which if you every visit Capri I would highly recommend as the gardens and the house are very impressive. We visited early and there were hardly anyone except us looking around which was fabulous as we could take photographs with no people in any of the images.

From the gardens we had an amazing view over the island of Capri and surrounded by the blue sea and bright pink flowers it really was a magnificent sight. 

Coffee cup
 Italian coffee some of the best in the world and this was a coffee at the marina under Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento watching the super yachts and busy staff getting ready for the day ahead. A little moment of mine each morning as the day started to unfold.

A view from above as coffee is sipped but it was the pattern on the floor I found the most striking. This was taken at Hotel Imperial Tramotano Sorrento Italy.

Hotel swimming pool
As the temperature soared so did my desire to jump into the swimming pool. On a hot day anywhere there is no greater way to cool off than in water. 

Inspire Me is a monthly feature where I go to find inspiration, of tiny details and photographs which I hope may inspire you from the desk or your mobile on your way home. If you can think of somewhere I should visit then let me know, as I would love some new ideas.
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