Happy Valentines Day - A Day of Love For All

  • 14.2.17

Follow Your Dreams this Valentines Day
I like to think as Valentine’s Day as a day to remind all those we love that we are simply here and share a message that they and all of us are loved. Whether it is by a husband, wife, partner, children, pets or other family or friends there is a great deal of love in the world. 

If we turn it into a day of sharing the message of love, being single on Valentine’s Day doesn't need to be the most dredged day of the year. Instead it is filled with a positive message and one we can also share love for ourselves.

Red Roses for a friend with a wooden Molly Margaret Tag
This Valentine’s Day I am going to share cards with the family and be kind to myself by giving 'me' some extra time to design this week. I am also going to browse those seeds catalogues and plan my new products, so an exciting week ahead. 

I hope whatever you are doing this Valentine’s Day you have a wonderful day, filled with love and something that you enjoy this week. Be kind to yourself and dream big, a little every day. 
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