Crafty Flower Ideas To Try At Home 101

As lots of us are stuck at home at this unprecedented time, I wanted to bring a little flower joy so here are some flower-based activities to try. Flower arranging, making flower ice cubes, baking edible flowers biscuits and wrapping flower gifts for random acts of kindness and more.

This list of flower activates can also be tried with children. You will need access to flowers for some activities, whether garden flowers or local British flowers. Lots of British flower farmers are offering to post or locally deliver flowers. Great to support British Flowers at this time as their spring flowers are in bloom with florist shops closed. 

Daisy Heart Make Art With Flowers - Craft Ideas 101

Flower Bouquets - Random Acts of Kindness  
Create mini random acts of kindness with flower gifts. Pick garden flowers and foliage, remove lower leaves and hand-tie flowers with string. Wrap with tissue, Kraft or flower wrapping papers. Even newspapers can look great with a ribbon. 

It is your bouquet so be as creative as you want. Pick seed pods, buds just opening and anything that catches your eye. (Be careful with berries and wash your hands after picking). See How To Make A Flower Bouquet Step by Step or view DIY Flower Bouquets for ideas on the Pinterest board. 

As a random act of kindness, if there is someone you know or someone in your street alone at this time. Maybe leave them a little flower bunch on their doorstep as you get some exercise. It might just make their day and you could leave your number encase they need some shopping too. See a great FREE NOTE to download and print here.

Homegrown flower bouquet and self isolating note

Forage for Flowers and Find Interesting Materials To Create Art
Create art with flowers, set up a scene or a story idea. Pick flowers, grasses or anything you wish to include. These could be really simple like leaves, daisies, and twigs. Find a clear sheet of paper or a worktop for your background. I prefer white or light coloured backgrounds.

Carefully set up your items to turn them into an art picture or spell out words. Be careful the wind does not move your design as you are working. Also, make sure the light is good where you create the art. Capture your flower picture as you finish with a photograph. These photographs can be printed at home or companies such as or Photobox. Frame and your art and use it to brighten walls in your home.

Flower art inspiration can be found at  Floral Forger for scenes told in nature and for flower fashion inspired by petals see Flower Petal Art Board 

Flower Art Print

Make Edible Flower Biscuits

Stylish for cups of tea at home and these look so good you will want to share your fabulous biscuit creations on Instagram. Simple to make shortbread biscuits see recipe below and add edible flowers to decorate them such as marigolds, viola, and rosemary.

Be inspired by how easy this is with the video 'Pressed Flower Shortbread Cookies' | How It's Made.

This recipe and more ideas for steps can be found on the Sugar and Charm blog 

How To Make Shortbread Cookies
  1. Beat butter in a mixer until smooth. Add in sugar, vanilla, and salt and continue to beat. With the mixer on low, add in the flour and mix until incorporated.
  2. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 30 minutes (or longer if you need too!)
  3. Roll the dough out and use a biscuit cutter to make circles.
  4. Bake in a preheated oven, 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Let them cool at room temperature.

Flower Edible Cookies

Flower Growing

You do not need to be green-fingered to try and grow plants, it is more about remembering to water them. Top tip for watering, get a bowl, add water and let the plant sit in it for 30 minutes. After that time the plants will have soaked up enough so tip the remaining water away.

Sunflowers are particularly easy and with all the different colours and styles there is a big selection to choose from. Other easy seeds include Calendula and Violas. 

Try a Flower Wrap and Grow Set as you can grow Calendula seeds and learn to wrap flower bouquets with the guide and materials all in one handy set. Wrap and Grow Edible Flower Gifts send a postbox gift to friends and family. They fit directly through the door and have 10% off first orders.

Marks and sponsors also have a ‘Little Growers’ on a the moment with nice little sets to grow all in one. You do have to spend £20 on food to receive a seedbox. There are some lovely free garden-related activities for children on the link too. Colouring in and puzzles related to growing plants.

Grow Your Own Edible Flowers - Flower Wrap and Grow

Make Flower Arrangements

Bring spring joy into your home with little flower arrangements to brighten a sideboard or kitchen table. As these are your creations make them as colourful or as simple as you like with a wide selection of flowers or simply a couple.

18 Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas be inspired to make your own. Great for the soul as you have flowers around the home.

Camilla in Sugar Bowl - Flower Arrangement

Make Edible Flower Ice cubes

How to make edible flower ice-cubes is simple, but a few tricks will help them show the flowers at their best
  1. Forage flowers just before you intend to use them to keep them fresh. Pick only healthy flowers to included. 
  2. Taste a petal or two as you will need to consider the drink you will be adding the ice cubes too. For example, you may wish for a different taste if you are adding them to Gin or to Lemonade. A guide to flower tastes is here and a guide to more edible flowers in the UK can be found here (do make your own research before eating any flower or petals some can cause harm). 
  3. Freeze in layers, and start by filling up the ice cube tray halfway with water and place the flower on the surface. Slowly pour in just a little water so when you freeze it the flower will be held in place. Freeze for 12-24 hours, then our another layer of water to fill the ice cube trays. Work quickly so they don’t melt. Freeze for 12-24 hours and you are ready to use them. 
Flower Ice Cube Reciepe

Hold A Mini Flower Party In Your Kitchen Or Garden

Plan a mini family party in your home with family members to celebrate spring or plan a late summer/ autumn garden party. Where you can mix homegrown flowers with British blooms brought locally or picked at flowering pick events.

Set up a serving trolley or a table as a flower bar, select glasses, vases or watering cans and fill with fresh flowers and foliage. You can receive a FREE Flower Bar sign and party checklist when you sign up for the email newsletter here.

Set up another table or sideboard with flower wrapping materials, scissors, twines, ribbons and flower decorations. See the Flower Wrapping Guide.

Create flower bouquets together, make flower arrangements for the home, use the flower ice cubes in old fashioned lemonade or water. Eat your edible flower shortbread biscuits with a nice cup of tea. Gift a flower bouquet to someone special who may need a little thoughtful gift to brighten their day. Keep a few flowers for yourself to enjoy in a vase at home, because flower joy is for you too.

Flower Bar For Flower Garden party

Let florals calm and offer mindfulness in a time of unprecedented uncertainty. Join the newsletter for more floral activities, flower updates and grow your own flower offers. 

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