Ten Activities That Help Find Moments Of calm For Yourself

In these uncertain times, the garden and walks in nature can really help. Stay safe and be kind to yourself. Here are ten activities and ideas that can help in the weeks ahead to find a little calm.

1. Walk-in nature anywhere you can, through a park, along the beach, or if you cannot go outside open the windows and watch the birds
2. Creative art, draw, paint, colour, or create a collage
3. Take time to sit calmly and breath, deeply for five minutes at a time

4. Sing along to a favorite song
5. Feel the sun on your face
6. Find that book you have been meaning to read
7. Call someone to see how they are and what they have been doing?
8. Enjoy the season as Spring turns into Summer, notice the little changes
9. Smile, this will be over and will not last forever
10. Know you are enough and you can do this, feel the calm wash over you.

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